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Support Big Cat Rescue Signs

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6x12" barrier sign & 4x4" ceramic tile
9x12" barrier sign & 6x6" ceramic tile
12x12" barrier sign with color photo of cat & 8x8" ceramic tile
18x24" free standing sign with color photo of cat & 12x12" ceramic tile

Donor Name for Sign - $0.00

Species or Cat Name - $0.00


Your Name on a Sign on the Tour Path and on a

Ceramic Tile at the Gift Shop

If you prefer we not send the various items that come with our Sponsor Kit but would like to have your donation recognized with the attractive sign on the tour path and ceramic tile at the gift shop wall, this is the option for you.

The tiles increase in size based on the donation, and signs increase in size and change in format as described below. Your sign and tile not only recognize your generosity, but they help encourage our visitors to join you as donors. In that way, your donation has a benefit even beyond the support it provides to care for the cats. Thanks VERY much for contributing in this way!

The sign and tile stay up for one year.  The tile then will be permanently installed in a Big Cat Rescue building.

We will email you photos of both.  It usually takes about four weeks. Be sure to enter how you would like your name to read and which species or specific cat you would like to have appear on the tile in the boxes provided above. Up to two lines of text and a maximum of 26 characters including spaces per line.  The box above will only allow you to enter 50 characters.  If your inscription is 52 characters (the max for two lines) or if you are purchasing the highest level sign and would like your logo to appear on it please email


$500 Donation

4x4" ceramic tile

6x12" engraved sign on cage barrier

Warrior Warrior


$1000 Donation

6x6" ceramic tile

9x12" engraved sign on cage barrier

Hero Hero


$2500 Donation

8x8" ceramic tile

12x12" sign with color photo

of cat on cage barrier

Champion Champion


$5000 Donation

12x12" ceramic tile

18x24" free standing sign

with color photo of cat

King of Beast King of Beast
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