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Forever Remembered

Forever Remembered

Price: $500.00

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Forever Remembered Plaques Honor the Big Cats

Each one of the cats who have come to Big Cat Rescue had a story to tell. You can keep the spirit of their message alive by remembering them with an engraved plaque displayed on our Memorial Wall. Plaques are 8" x 8" black marble with a photo of a big cat that has passed on and text laser engraved on the surface so it will never fade. For a donation of $500 you can celebrate one of our beloved big cats with this permanent remembrance. Seeing this long, arching wall of big cats who were born in cages and died in cages has had a powerful effect on visitors and you can help us remember the cats we love and share their stories by sponsoring them "forever."

Included on each Forever Remembered Plaque are;

Text at top of plaque:
"In Memory Of"
"Big Cat's Name, Year of Birth, and Year of Passing" (Maximum of 30 characters including spaces)

Black and white image of a big cat.

Text at bottom of plaque:
"Memorial Plaque Donated By"
"Your Name or Personal Inscription" (Maximum of 30 characters including spaces)

Only the first sponsor for each big cat will be selected. For a list of big cats that are currently available on Forever Remembered plaques email

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